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Are you ready to embrace a new journey?  

What are your fears?  

What are your desires?

What is the next step in your life?

My goal is to help you experience a new sense of self.  Often times, we become entrenched in every day activities that we forget what makes us truly happy.  Other times, our fears, anxieties, or our overwhelming feeling of sadness takes control and drives us to where it wants us to go.   Or... our past experiences are affecting the way in which we lead our lives even when we try to push them down deep. We lose all sense of self, control, and motivation for the things we once loved.

Life can have its moment's of ups and downs.  Relationships become strained, work becomes overbearing, and sometimes we forget to stop...and breathe.  At Mending Hearts, it is my goal to help you along in your journey so that you can experience a new sense of self. With a collaborative effort, you can lead the life you most desire.  I look forward to working with you to move to the next step in your life.


                                           -   Mary Ann Francis LMFT










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